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Annie Drop Earring - Aqua Multi Annie Drop Earring - Pink Annie Drop Earring - Turquoise
Annie Drop Earring - Pink
Our Price: $24.00
Annie Drop Earring - Violet Annie Illusion Necklace - Navy / Blue Mix Annie Illusion Necklace - Pink
Turquoise Necklace Annie Illusion Necklace - Violet Brianna Bracelet -  Turquoise
Brianna Drop Earring - Turquoise Brianna Long Earring - Turquoise Brianna Tier Necklace -  Turquoise
Carrie Drop Earring - Lt. Sapphire Carrie Necklace - Light Sapphire Felicia Earring - Aqua Multi
Felicia Earring - Violet Felicia Necklace - Aqua Multi Felicia Necklace - Violet
Felicia Earring - Violet
Our Price: $28.00
Felicia Necklace - Violet
Our Price: $78.00
Melinda Drop Earring - Prism Melinda Drop Earring - Silver Crystal Melinda Drop Earring - Teal
Melinda Necklace - Prism Melinda Necklace - Silver Crystal Natalie Earring - Teal
Melinda Necklace - Prism
Our Price: $44.00
Natalie Earring - Teal
Our Price: $28.00
Natalie Long Necklace - Teal Ronnie Fabulous Bracelet - Turquoise Ronnie Fabulous Drop Earring - Turquoise
Ronnie Fabulous Long Earring - Turquoise Ronnie Fabulous Necklace - Turquoise Ronnie Mae Bracelet - Aqua Multi
Ronnie Mae Bracelet - Black Shell Ronnie Mae Bracelet - Hematite Ronnie Mae Bracelet - Mint
Ronnie Mae Bracelet - Natural Abalone Ronnie Mae Bracelet - Pacific Opal Ronnie Mae Bracelet - Violet
Ronnie Mae Drop Earrings - Aqua Multi Ronnie Mae Drop Earrings - Black Shell Ronnie Mae Drop Earrings - Pacific Opal
Ronnie Mae Drop Earrings - Teal / Blue Ronnie Mae Drop Earrings - Violet Ronnie Mae Long Earrings - Aqua Multi
Ronnie Mae Long Earrings - Black Shell Ronnie Mae Long Earrings - Pacific Opal Ronnie Mae Long Earrings - Teal / Blue
Ronnie Mae Long Earrings - Violet Ronnie Mae Necklace - Aqua Multi Ronnie Mae Necklace - Black Shell
Ronnie Mae Necklace - Teal / Blue Ronnie Tier Necklace - Pacific Opal Ronnie Tier Necklace - Violet
Willow Earrings - Turquoise Willow Necklace - Turquoise

A Soothing Collection of Cool Crystal Jewelry

Give yourself a chill with Dabby Reid's cool crystal jewelry. From soft violet teardrop earrings to eye-popping sapphire pendants, this collection is for the woman who isn't afraid to make a statement.

Each piece of Dabby Reid jewelry is handcrafted with an eye for a detail and a commitment to excellence, and these cool color pieces are no exception. Even if you are already familiar with Dabby Reid’s flair for unique fashion, you will have a hard time believing the level of attention devoted to these lighter-than-air pieces of blue and aqua jewelry.

Combining classic looks with regal colors, these pieces go beyond cool earrings and necklaces and into another plane of light fashion jewelry. They are sleek, they are elegant and 100% unique. That is what Dabby Reid can offer you, and that is the jewelry experience that will keep you coming back time and time again.