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Zoie Long Pendant Necklace - Turquoise Zoie Long Pendant Necklace - Lt. Sapphire Swarovski Crystal
Zoie Long Pendant Necklace - Clear Swarovski Crystal Zoie Long Pendant Necklace - Coral

A long pendant necklace is a one of a kind statement piece, they elevate any outfit they are paired with. These single strand necklaces will shine bright against a darker hued fabric; they can also be monochromatically paired with a blouse for a truly head turning effect.

A long pendant necklace would be a great option for if you are looking to purchase colorful bridesmaid jewelry. With a high neckline dress and a short hem, a long necklace would balance out the silhouette perfectly!

These single strand necklaces are remarkable in their design, the Swarovski crystal and cats eye beads harmonizing against the fine metal chain create a unique piece of jewelry. The long length of 32” will make pairing possibilities limitless; low necklines, high necklines or even tube tops will be enhanced with a long pendant necklace! Shop all of our long necklaces now!