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Allison Pendant Necklace - Red Abalone Andrea Necklace - Lt. Sapphire Cats Eye Andrea Necklace - Orange Cats Eye
Andrea Necklace - Peridot Cats Eye Andrea Necklace - Radiant Orchid Quartz Andrea Necklace - White Mother of Pearl
Andrea Necklace - Yellow Cats Eye Annie Illusion Necklace - Aqua Multi Annie Illusion Necklace - Brown Mix
Annie Illusion Necklace - Coral Annie Illusion Necklace - Crystal Annie Illusion Necklace - Crystal Mix
Annie Illusion Necklace - Gray Hematite Mix Annie Illusion Necklace - Jet Black Annie Illusion Necklace - Natural Ivory
Annie Illusion Necklace - Navy / Blue Mix Annie Illusion Necklace - Orange / Pink Annie Illusion Necklace - Orange / Yellow Multi
Annie Illusion Necklace - Pastel Multi Annie Illusion Necklace - Peridot Green Annie Illusion Necklace - Pink
Annie Illusion Necklace - Purple Mix Annie Illusion Necklace - Red Mix Turquoise Necklace
Annie Illusion Necklace - Violet Annie Illusion Necklace - White Cats Eye Annie Illusion Necklace - Yellow
Ashley Necklace - Black Onyx Ashley Necklace - Magenta Jade Ashley Necklace - Navy Goldstone
Ashley Necklace - Teal Jade Brianna Tier Necklace -  Coral Brianna Tier Necklace -  Crystal Mix
Brianna Tier Necklace -  Ivory Shell Brianna Tier Necklace -  Turquoise Brianna Tier Necklace - Jet
Brianna Tier Necklace - Navy Goldstone Brianna Tier Necklace - Smokey Quartz Carrie Necklace - Crystal
Carrie Necklace - Crystal
Our Price: $78.00
Carrie Necklace - Light Sapphire Carrie Necklace - Orange / Pink Carrie Necklace - Peridot Green
Clansy Pearl Necklace - Champagne Clansy Pearl Necklace - Copper Clansy Pearl Necklace - Cream
Clansy Pearl Necklace - Cream Clansy Pearl Necklace - Gray Clansy Pearl Necklace - Light Blue
Clansy Pearl Necklace - Olivine Clansy Pearl Necklace - Plum Clansy Pearl Necklace - Soft Pink
Elizabeth Necklace - Aqua Elizabeth Necklace - Magenta Elizabeth Necklace - Navy
Elizabeth Necklace - Aqua
Our Price: $78.00
Elizabeth Necklace - Navy
Our Price: $78.00
Elizabeth Necklace - Orange Elizabeth Necklace - Pink Elizabeth Necklace - Teal
Elizabeth Necklace - Pink
Our Price: $78.00
Elizabeth Necklace - Teal
Our Price: $78.00
Elizabeth Necklace - Violet Elizabeth Necklace - White Elizabeth Necklace - Yellow
Extender - Gold Extender - Gunmetal Extender - Silver tone
Extender - Gold
Our Price: $5.00
Extender - Gunmetal
Our Price: $5.00
Extender - Silver tone
Our Price: $5.00
Felicia Necklace - Aqua Multi Felicia Necklace - Crystal Felicia Necklace - Jet Black
Felicia Necklace - Lt. Colorado Felicia Necklace - Lt. Sapphire Felicia Necklace - Mint Green
Felicia Necklace - Orange Pink Felicia Necklace - Pink Felicia Necklace - Prism
Felicia Necklace - Pink
Our Price: $78.00
Felicia Necklace - Prism
Our Price: $78.00
Felicia Necklace - Soft Yellow Felicia Necklace - Violet Giselle Necklace - Black Onyx
Felicia Necklace - Violet
Our Price: $78.00
Giselle Necklace - Goldstone Giselle Necklace - Grey Iridescent Giselle Necklace - Navy Goldstone
Giselle Necklace - Smokey Topaz Giselle Necklace - Teal Jade Hailey Long Necklace - Black Onyx
Hailey Long Necklace - Golden Shimmer Hailey Long Necklace - Hematite Hailey Long Necklace - Prism
Heidi Necklace - Crystal Aurora Borealis Heidi Necklace - Crystal Aurora Borealis on Silver Heidi Necklace - Jet
Heidi Necklace - Jet
Our Price: $68.00
Heidi Necklace - Lt. Sapphire Heidi Necklace - Pacific Opal Heidi Necklace - Peridot
Heidi Necklace - Peridot
Our Price: $68.00
Heidi Necklace - Pink Heidi Necklace - Purple Velvet Aurora Borealis Heidi Necklace - Silver Crystal
Heidi Necklace - Pink
Our Price: $68.00
Heidi Necklace - Violet Heidi Necklace - Yellow Illusion Long Pearl Necklace - Cream
Heidi Necklace - Violet
Our Price: $68.00
Heidi Necklace - Yellow
Our Price: $68.00
Illusion Long Pearl Necklace - Cream Illusion Long Pearl Necklace - Multi Kylie Necklace - Aqua
Kylie Necklace - Aqua
Our Price: $98.00
Kylie Necklace - Coral Kylie Necklace - Pink Purple Crystal Statement Necklace
Kylie Necklace - Coral
Our Price: $98.00
Kylie Necklace - Pink
Our Price: $98.00
Kylie Necklace - Violet
Our Price: $98.00
White Crystal Statement Necklace Lauren Pearl Necklace - Cream Lauren Pearl Necklace - Gold
Kylie Necklace - White
Our Price: $98.00
Lauren Pearl Necklace - Hematite Lyla Necklace - Aqua Opal Lyla Necklace - Crystal White Opal
Lyla Necklace - Aqua Opal
Our Price: $88.00
Lyla Necklace - Jet Lyla Necklace - Orange Pink Lyla Necklace - Violet
Lyla Necklace - Jet
Our Price: $88.00
Lyla Necklace - Violet
Our Price: $88.00
Melinda Necklace - Aqua Melinda Necklace - Clear Melinda Necklace - Crystal
Melinda Necklace - Aqua
Our Price: $44.00
Melinda Necklace - Clear
Our Price: $44.00
Melinda Necklace - Hematite Melinda Necklace - Jet Melinda Necklace - Lt. Colorado
Melinda Necklace - Jet
Our Price: $44.00
Melinda Necklace - Lt. Sapphire Melinda Necklace - Olivine Melinda Necklace - Orange Pink
Melinda Necklace - Peridot Melinda Necklace - Pink Melinda Necklace - Prism
Melinda Necklace - Pink
Our Price: $44.00
Melinda Necklace - Prism
Our Price: $44.00
Melinda Necklace - Purple Melinda Necklace - Red Melinda Necklace - Silver Crystal
Melinda Necklace - Purple
Our Price: $44.00
Melinda Necklace - Red
Our Price: $44.00
Melinda Necklace - Teal Melinda Necklace - Violet Natalie Long Necklace - Gold Shimmer
Melinda Necklace - Teal
Our Price: $44.00
Melinda Necklace - Violet
Our Price: $44.00
Natalie Long Necklace - Jet Black Natalie Long Necklace - Jewel Tone Multi Natalie Long Necklace - Lt. Colorado
Natalie Long Necklace - Teal Natalie Necklace - Crystal Natalie Necklace - Gold Shimmer
Natalie Necklace - Jet Black Natalie Necklace - Lt. Colorado Paxton Pendant Necklace - Purple Abalone
Paxton Pendant Necklace - Red Abalone Paxton Pendant Necklace - Teal Abalone Ronnie Fabulous Necklace - Coral
Ronnie Fabulous Necklace - Gold Ronnie Fabulous Necklace - Turquoise Ronnie Mae Necklace - Aqua Multi
Ronnie Mae Necklace - Black Shell Ronnie Mae Necklace - Coral Ronnie Mae Necklace - Crystal / Pearl
Ronnie Mae Necklace - Gold Crystal Ronnie Mae Necklace - Hematite Ronnie Mae Necklace - Jet Black
Ronnie Mae Necklace - Jewel Tone Ronnie Mae Necklace - Jewel Tone Multi Ronnie Mae Necklace - Mother of Pearl
Ronnie Mae Necklace - Natural Abalone Ronnie Mae Necklace - Olivine Ronnie Mae Necklace - Orange / Pink
Ronnie Mae Necklace - Pacific Opal Ronnie Mae Necklace - Peridot Green Ronnie Mae Necklace - Purple
Ronnie Mae Necklace - Soft Yellow Ronnie Mae Necklace - Teal / Blue Ronnie Mae Necklace - White Mother of Pearl
Ronnie Mae Necklace - Yellow Multi Ronnie Pearl Necklace - Cream Ronnie Pearl Necklace - Cream
Ronnie Pearl Necklace - Multi Ronnie Ring Necklace - Golden Shimmer Ronnie Ring Necklace - Light Sapphire
Ronnie Ring Necklace - Navy/ White Ronnie Ring Necklace - Yellow Ronnie Ring Necklace -White
Ronnie Tier Necklace - Jet Black Ronnie Tier Necklace - Lt. Colorado Ronnie Tier Necklace - Pacific Opal
Ronnie Tier Necklace - Purple Ronnie Tier Necklace - Purple Abalone Ronnie Tier Necklace - Red Abalone
Taylor Necklace - Smoky Topaz Taylor Necklace - Turquoise Willow Necklace - Crystal
Willow Necklace - Crystal
Our Price: $118.00
Willow Necklace - Crystal Willow Necklace - Hematite Willow Necklace - Jet Black
Willow Necklace - Crystal
Our Price: $118.00
Willow Necklace - Hematite
Our Price: $118.00
Willow Necklace - Jewel Tone Multi Willow Necklace - Lt. Colorado Willow Necklace - Prism
Willow Necklace - Prism
Our Price: $118.00
Willow Necklace - Red Willow Necklace - Teal Willow Necklace - Turquoise
Willow Necklace - Red
Our Price: $118.00
Willow Necklace - Teal
Our Price: $118.00
Zoie Long Pendant Necklace - Clear Swarovski Crystal Zoie Long Pendant Necklace - Coral Zoie Long Pendant Necklace - Lt. Sapphire Swarovski Crystal
Zoie Long Pendant Necklace - Turquoise

Semiprecious Stone Necklaces for all Occasions

Madam Chanel said it best “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”, and that is what our pendant necklaces offer you. Elegance and style go hand in hand with our stunning semi-precious stone necklaces, the style combinations are effortless.

A colored tiered necklace paired with a little black dress will showcase your style and class, the pop of color against the dark fabric will illuminate your outfit. If you’re looking for colorful bridesmaid jewelry, a pendant necklace will be a great accessory. Available in so many colors and finishes, your leading ladies will be able to match their accessories and dresses!

At, our semi-precious stone necklaces come in various styles and shapes. If you’re looking to highlight a simple outfit try a tiered necklace in a bold color. On the other hand if you’re looking to match a necklace with an already trendy outfit, look to a long pendant necklace which will help tie together any ensemble. Shop our collection of semi-precious necklace now!