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Ronnie Tier Necklace - Pacific Opal Ronnie Tier Necklace - Violet Ronnie Tier Necklace - Pink / Orange
Ronnie Tier Necklace - Mint Ronnie Tier Necklace - Jet Black Ronnie Tier Necklace - Lt. Colorado
Brianna Tier Necklace -  Ivory Shell Brianna Tier Necklace -  Crystal Mix Brianna Tier Necklace -  Turquoise
Brianna Tier Necklace -  Coral Brianna Tier Necklace - Jet Brianna Tier Necklace - Navy Goldstone
Brianna Tier Necklace - Smokey Quartz Ronnie Tier Necklace - Purple Ronnie Tier Necklace - Red Abalone
Ronnie Tier Necklace - Purple Abalone

Gorgeous Multi-Strand Necklaces for Every Occasion

Dabby Reid’s three strand tiered necklaces offer the same craftsmanship and hand-selected materials as our basic three strand necklaces, but with a look that is even more modern and vibrant. These illusion necklaces have the appearance of a larger, more extravagant piece of jewelry without the weight. These three stand necklaces are perfect for any outfit but look especially wonderful with simple blouses without a distracting pattern or print. Simple colors and lines will really help these multi-strand necklaces stand out.

Layer these Pacific Opal jewelry with others crystal necklaces in our collection for a truly unique look and elegant feel. With three strands of tiered stone and crystal, you can add a layer that creates wonderful complexity without get tangled in your other pieces of jewelry.

These crystal bead necklaces come in two different styles: the Ronnie and the Brianna. Our Ronnie collection combines different sizes of crystal beads in a cascade of alternating layers. The Brianna collection features larger beads of semi-precious coral, turquoise, ivory shell and crystal, as well as a middle layer of crafted metalwork. Both of these three strand necklaces would be perfect bridal accessories, for the bride or the bridesmaids! Shop now!