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Ashley Drop Earring - Teal Jade Ashley Drop Earring - Magenta Jade Ashley Drop Earring - Navy Goldstone
Ashley Drop Earring - Black Onyx Allison Drop Earring - Purple Abalone Allison Drop Earring - Natural Abalone
Allison Drop Earring - Red Abalone Allison Drop Earring - Black Luster Abalone Clansy Pearl Drop Earring - Copper
Clansy Pearl Drop Earring - Champagne Clansy Pearl Drop Earring - Gray Clansy Pearl Drop Earring - Plum
Giselle Drop Earring - Grey Iridescent Giselle Drop Earring - Navy Goldstone Giselle Drop Earring - Black Onyx
Giselle Drop Earrings - Smokey Quartz Felicia Earring - Lt. Colorado Felicia Earring - Jet Black
Brianna Drop Earring - Jet Brianna Drop Earring - Navy Goldstone Brianna Drop Earring - Smokey Quartz
Felicia Earring - Olivine Felicia Double Dangle Earring - Hematite Felicia Double Dangle Earring - Olivine
Felicia Earring - Olivine
Our Price: $28.00
Felicia Double Dangle Earring - Light Colorado Topaz Felicia Double Dangle Earring - Navy Felicia Double Dangle Earring - Purple
Felicia Double Dangle Earring - Jet Black Felicia Earring - Prism Felicia Double Dangle Earring - Prism
Felicia Earring - Prism
Our Price: $28.00
Brianna Long Earring - Jet Brianna Long Earring - Navy Goldstone Brianna Long Earring - Smokey Quartz
Clansy Pearl Necklace - Copper Clansy Pearl Necklace - Champagne Clansy Pearl Necklace - Gray
Clansy Pearl Necklace - Plum Felicia Necklace - Lt. Colorado Felicia Necklace - Jet Black
Elizabeth Necklace - Navy Allison Pendant Necklace - Natural Abalone Allison Pendant Necklace - Purple Abalone
Elizabeth Necklace - Navy
Our Price: $78.00
Allison Pendant Necklace - Red Abalone Allison Pendant Necklace - Black Luster Abalone Felicia Necklace - Olivine
Felicia Necklace - Prism Ashley Necklace - Magenta Jade Ashley Necklace - Teal Jade
Felicia Necklace - Prism
Our Price: $78.00
Ashley Necklace - Navy Goldstone Ashley Necklace - Black Onyx Giselle Necklace - Grey Iridescent
Giselle Necklace - Smokey Topaz Giselle Necklace - Goldstone Giselle Necklace - Teal Jade
Giselle Necklace - Navy Goldstone Giselle Necklace - Black Onyx Brianna Tier Necklace - Jet
Brianna Tier Necklace - Navy Goldstone Brianna Tier Necklace - Smokey Quartz